LED Retrofitting of Post Top Lighting

Decorative post top lighting is a very diverse outdoor lighting application that ranges from acorn style fixtures to highly ornamental pole lights. These LED lighting products offer numerous choices for retrofitting of pole lighting, by replacing incandescent, high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lamps in post top lighting applications with energy efficient LEDs. Several of the Post Top lighting LED retrofit kits qualify for rebates and are DLC qualified. Metro LED Lighting’s economic analysis has shown these replacement LED kits have high return on investment. By changing out inefficent existing lamps / fixtures, rapid paybacks are achieved in decorative pole lighting applications ranging from pathway / walkway lighting, lighting in recreational facilities, historic districts or for residential or commercial area street lighting.

LED Post Top Lighting Retrofit Benefits

Post Top lighting retrofitted with LED Fixtures or lamps can maintain the aesthetic and design elements of decorative pole luminaires. A wide variety of color temperatures are available in the LED retrofits that can be configured for a warm incandescent feel (3,000K) or a bright white MH lamp look and feel (5,000K). The optical configuration of the LED Post Top lights minimize sky glow, help with light trespass, and the LED sources are directed for better quality lighting on both horizontal and vertical  surfaces. These LED Post Top Lights typical benefits include:

  • Ability to meet IES illumination standards while maintaining the design integrity of the decorative pole light
  • Improvement to the quality of the light, with less light waste, light trespass, and higher lighting efficiency
  • Decorative pole lighting efficiency can be improved, putting more light on surfaces while using less energy
  • Wide variety of choices of color temperatures to emulate historic district lighting or designing for night vision acuity
  • LED Post Top fixtures are available in configurations with much higher CRI values than HPS lamps, and selected LED Lamps with CRIs > 85%
  • Energy Savings are readily achievable by retrofitting Post Top Lighting often greater than 65% savings by replacing HPS lamps or MH lamps.


LED Retrofitting of Decorative Pole Lighting: A Guide

LED Retrofit Kits are available for decorative pole lights, in a post top configuration or for acorn style lighting fixture, and lantern styles. Highlighted features for pole fixtures/ lamps include:

IntenCity Lighting PTLK - Post Top Lighting Kit


Eye Lighting LEDioc - LED Pole Lighting Lamp Kit


Sansi Lighting - Post Top Light

  • Post Top Orientation
  • Screw Base / Integrated Driver
  • Choice in Screw Base E26/E39
  • Type V IES Distribution
  • CCT = 2,700, 3,500, 4,000 or  5,000K, CRI = 70, Lumens = 3,150 or 4,725


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