LED Retrofitting of Post Top Lighting

These LED post top retrofit lamps, maintain the look and feel of traditional fixtures  found in pedestrian walkway lighting, street lighting in college campuses, historic districts, parks and recreational facilities, or residential streets, while lowering costs, and increasing energy efficiency. These Post Top Retrofit Kits are designed to be applied in very diverse set of outdoor lighting applications. These MH/ HPS replacement kits are engineered for fixtures that ranges from acorn globe style fixtures, to highly ornamental pole lights. Complete retrofit kits are available to upgrade pole lighting that include the post top fitter, decorative globe, and LED retrofit lamp.

These decorative pole retrofit kits offer numerous choices in upgrading luminaires, by replacing high wattage incandescent, high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) lamps in post top lighting applications with energy efficient LEDs at much lower energy use. Metro LED Lighting’s economic analysis has shown these replacement LED kits have high return on investment, fast paybacks, and no maintenance costs. By changing out inefficient existing lamps / fixtures, rapid paybacks are achieved in these decorative pole lighting applications.

Retrofitting Post Top Lighting - LED Benefits

Post Top lighting retrofitted with LED Fixtures or lamps can maintain the aesthetic and design elements of decorative pole luminaires. A wide variety of color temperatures (CCT) are available in the LED retrofits that can be configured for a warm incandescent feel (3,000K) or a bright white MH lamp look and feel (5,000K). By virtue of being DLC listed, light pollution is minimized, less light is wasted upwards, and Dark Sky Standards can be met. The LED sources use advanced optics, and reflectors for high quality lighting by providing better horizontal and vertical foot candles, improving visual acuity and pedestrian safety. These LED Post Top fixtures benefits include:

  • Ability to meet IES illumination standards while maintaining the design integrity of the decorative pole lights in the community
  • Improvement to the quality of the light, with less light waste, light trespass, providing more effective lighting, and higher energy efficiency, consuming often 70% less energy, thus having a direct impact on the kilowatt hours used.
  • Decorative pole lighting efficiency can be improved, putting more light on surfaces for visual uniformity, and acuity, while using less energy
  • Wide variety of choices of color temperatures (CCT), and much higher Color Rendering Indexes (CRI) than traditional HPS fixtures to improve the nighttime appearance of campuses, pedestrian walkways, or historic districts
  • These LED Post Top fixtures have much higher CRI values than HPS lamps, and selected LED Lamps often have CRIs which can exceed 80
  • Energy Savings are readily achievable by retrofitting Post Top Lighting often greater than 70% savings by replacing HPS lamps or MH lamps
  • Lower maintenance costs of MH and HPS post top lighting, by eliminating the need for periodic replacement of ballast, and lamps. LED post top lamps have luminaire efficiencies that are much higher than traditional HPS or MH fixture, lowering electric costs while raising efficacy. 
  • The LED lamps used in retrofitting these Post Top Lights have very long L70 lifetimes, often over 100,000 hours. Traditional light loss factors are thus minimized, with very long times for lumen depreciation, or virtually no dirt accumulation that often effects tradition MH or HPS lamps in post top lighting. 


LED Decorative Pole Lighting: Configurations and Guide

Eye Lighting - Decorative Post Top Retrofit Kits, Fixtures and Acorn Pole Lights

Manufacturer Model Watts/ Lumens Application Overview and Guide
Eye Lighting LEDioc Post Top Lamp 25, 37 Watts
2,000, 4000 lumens
LED Post Top Lamp with an Edison Base to replacing 70W to 175W HID lamps. Very high quality lighting with high CRI values, and optical characteristics to match existing HPS or HID in Post Top lighting applications. LEDioc Lamps are able to be oriented base up or base down for flexibility in matching existing HID lamp configurations. LED Driver is mounted in fitter base or lantern housings.
Eye Lighting LEDioc Post Top Lamp Retrofit Kit 25, 37 Watts
2,000, 4000 lumens
The LEDioc Lamp is available in a full kit that has been fully configured to fit into existing and popular post top or lantern fixtures. As a pre-figured kit the optics and base configuration have been engineered for easy installation in the field, and quick install times by the electrician. Pre-engineered to fit King Luminaire K118 Acorn Fixtures, Sternberg Main Street Lanterns, GE Edison Fixtures, GE Town and Country fixtures, Halophane Acorn Granville fixtures, and others.
Eye Lighting KiaroLED Pole Fixture 56, 80 Watts
3,000, 6,000 lumens
A contemporary designed LED pole fixture with highly engineered optics, and heavy duty construction for office parks, pathway lighting, or campus lighting. Available in a very wide array of IES Distribution Types for flexibility in lighting design, and to meet field conditions.
Eye Lighting LEDioc Decorative Pole Light 25, 37 Watts 2,000, 4000 lumens Built upon the LEDioc Lamp Series, this option is a complete fixture, LED light engine, and decorative pole set. It is available in a number of styles including acorn globes, or decorative banded acorn style fixtures. Several sizes of globes are available, along with a number of options for the fluted decorative pole.


IntenCity Lighting -  Post Top Retrofit Lamps, Tear Drop Retrofits, and Kits 

Manufacturer Model Watts/ Lumens Application Overview and Guide
IntenCity Lighting PTLK-30 26 Watts
1,980 lumens
An LED Post Top / Lantern Lamp to replace 70 watt to 100 watt HID lamps in decorative pole lighting applications. Small in size ,with a tuned lumen output for lower light levels typically found in decorative lighting. It is highly adaptable to smaller globes, lower pole lighting or lanterns. It is specifically designed for upgrading HID to more energy efficient sources, while maintaining the look and feel of the decorative fixtures used on campuses, around buildings or entrances.
IntenCity Lighting PTLK-40 40 Watts
3,000 lumens
The 40 Watt, 3000 lumen LED lamp replacement is for situations where poles are higher or more widely spaced, or more light is needed in campus or sidewalk lighting. It replaces HID lamps in the range of 100 watts to 150 watts. This fixture is highly adaptable to many styles of globes and decorative pole fitters. Its lighting is tuned to replace typical HID lamps, with the ability to adjust the height of the unit to match existing bulbs. This fixture lamp greatly lower energy costs, and avoids future maintenance, costs.
IntenCity Lighting PTLK-60 60 Watts
4,500 lumens
The 60 watt LED lamp is a workhorse replacement for com-mon configurations of HID decorative pole fixtures. It replaces 175 watt to 250 watt HID lamps with an energy effi-cient LED lamp. It uses a reflector system to avoid wasted up-light, and to direct light to the ground for effective vertical and horizontal illumination. It is mounted on a stem for easy and quick field installation. The stem provides adjustment to place LED post top lamp at the proper height within the deco-rative acorn globe or other styles of pole lighting globes
IntenCity Lighting PTLK-90 90 Watts
6,800 lumens
The PTLK-90 is a for replacement of high wattage HID lamps in decorative pole lighting. It is typically used for widely spaced poles, or tall pole covering wider areas. The LED pole lamp is often replaces up to 400 watt HID lamps. These high wattage HID lamps are often found in applications, such as parking lots, residential street lighting or used in historic district lighting. By reducing costs more than 70%, these 90 watt LED replacement lamps offer fast paybacks and very efficient outdoor lighting.
IntenCity Lighting LED Tear Drop Lamp 25-90 watts
1,980-6,800 lumens
For teardrop style decorative pole lighting, the PTLK series of LED lamps are fully configurable for arm mounted fixtures. As teardrop replacement lamp for HID fixtures, the light engine is configured with a fill-in LEDs on the bottom of the fixture. This provides effective, even coverage under the lamp, as well as illumination in the field around the fixture. The most common configurations in tear drop pole lighting use a 60W or 90W LED lamp. But this LED lamp in lower wattages, can be used for building sconces, or decorative fixtures mounted to buildings, in similar configurations.
IntenCity Lighting LED Post Top Retrofit Kit 25-90 watts1,980-6,800 lumens This is a complete LED lamp upgrade / retro-fit kit for replace-ment of HID decorative pole lighting is available. The kit con-sists of PTLK LED replacement lamp, a fluted fitter, and deco-rative acorn globes. The pole fitter is available in 8” or 9” models. The globes are available in a wide range of styles including acorn, spherical, or other shapes. As an economical upgrade kit, this post top fixture reuses most of the pole infrastructure, yet upgrades the lighting to higher quality, at much lower costs


Sansi Lighting - Retrofits for Teardrop Fixtures and Spider Mounted Fixture

Manufacturer Model Watts/ Lumens Application Overview and Guide
Sansi Lighting RetroPlate Teardrop and Skirted Fixture Lamp Kit 20-150 watts
2,000-18,000 lumens
This round plate lamp kit is designed as an easy and effective retrofit for teardrop or other decorative arm mounted skirted fixtures. It is ideally suited for a wide range of HID lamp replacements, with a very high efficiency light engine. It is available in a large range of lumen/ wattage combinations, for almost any lighting needs in down lighting decorative fixtures. Unique to this retrofit kit is the very lumen output models that could replace HID lamps in tall decorative poles. Additionally, optional custom brackets can be fabricated by Metro to providing a quick field upgrade of older HID fixtures.
Sansi Lighting Spider Mount Fixture 80-240 Watts
8,000-26,400 lumens
This spider mounted decorative pole fixture is a very high efficiency complete luminaire for any number of path lighting, parking lots fixtures or other general area lighting. It is available in a large range of lumen/ wattage packages at very high efficiencies. It can very effectively replace existing HID fixtures, with a new highly effective light source that will improve the appearance of a facility, and provide needed lighting for safety and security.


Decorative Post Top Lighting - References and Resources

Available references and resources include:


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