LED Soffit Lighting, Downlight Sansi

LED Downlight for Outdoor or Indoor Use

The LED Soffit Light/ Downlight is a recessed fixture for use in soffit lighting, as an accent lighting, or for use in ceilings for general illumination. The recessed LED Downlight can be used either in indoor or ourdoor lighting, and is available as either a 6” round or 8” LED fixture. This LED Downlight has a very long service life and requires no routine maintenance. Specify this LED Downlight when you seek to save large amounts of electricity costs, or you have difficult to service fixtures in soffits or ceilings.

The LED Downlight is a high output fixture, producing high quality white light, with a high color rendering index of (CRI). It is available in a color temperature of either 4,300K or 5,500K. The fixture can be ordered with dimming controls. The LED Downlight is available in a number of finishes of white, bronze, black, solver or a custom color.

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LED Fixture Overview

Lumens: 750 - 1,920
Watts: 10-24
Lumens / Watts: 70-85

Distribution Types:

Architectural Lighting
Interior LED Lighting
Soffit Lighting

Manufacturer Part Number: