LED Parking Garage Fixture Evolucia

Compatibility Chart / Energy Savings
Traditional Source LED Parking Structure Fixture Savings
MH 150W 60W 60%
MH 175W 75W 57%
MH 250W 90W 64%
LED Parking Structure Light Evolucia

This LED Parking Structure Light is a round fixture with a high impact conical lens traditionally used in parking garages. It is surface mounted, durable and available in a variety of wattages and color temperatures. It is fully gasketed to prevent moisture and dust intrusions.

Apply this LED fixture in parking structures, commercial / industrial warehouses, low-bay lighting, truck loading docks, manufacturing facilities, or cold storage lighting. The fixture is a symmetrical Type V distribution. Use this LED fixture when a general purpose ceiling or surface mounted outdoor or industrial grade symmetrical light source is needed.

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LED Fixture Overview

Lumens: 4,200 - 6,300
Watts: 60-90
Lumens / Watts: 70

Distribution Types:
Type V

Garage Lighting
Low Bay
Misc. Lighting

Manufacturer Part Number: