LED Garage Lights

LED garage lighting offers the opportunity to better light your parking facility and save costs.

LED garage lights have saved $100,000s for clients in many of our projects.

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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor Area Lighting substantially lowers costs, lasts longer, and requires no routine maintenance versus traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lighting.

LED Parking Lot Lights

LED Parking Lot Lighting costs are much lower than metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. LED Parking Lot fixtures are available in:

Property Owners

Property owners achieve large operational savings by using LED outdoor lighting fixtures. We consult, manage, and deploy outdoor LED lighting systems. These systems are maintenance free, meet standards and they improve the quality of lighting for our clients, and often qualify for DLC based rebates.

Engineering Services

Each commercial lighting system is unique. Metro LED Lighting will audit existing conditions, design an outdoor lighting system, perform an economic analysis, and assist in obtaining DLC rebates to assure a cost effective, well performing lighting system for our clients.

Case Studies

Our Clients have lowered their costs of operating outdoor lighting by 70%. Read about how LED outdoor lighting is cost-effective, qualifies for rebates, and effectively lights parking garages, and other outside spaces thus improving a properties appearance and safety.

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Metro LED Lighting are experts in advanced lighting products. Opportunities are available in select geographies for lighting professionals to partner with us on deploying high performance lighting systems.

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Featured Product
LED Downlight Retro-Plate

The LED down light retro-plate from Sansi Lighting is a platform to upgrade HID Teardrop, Sag Glass/ Skirted fixtures, and other luminaires. The LED retrofit kit provides a range of lumen/wattage combinations to upgrade these fixtures. The retrofit kit can upgrade teardrops, and shoebox fixtures, to energy efficient LED lighting. The LED downlight retrofit upgrades decorative pole fixtures and other architecturally or decorative outdoor lighting.  It is well suited to updating custom outdoor lighting fixtures from HID lamps to energy efficient LEDs. This results in much lower energy use while lowering the cost of maintenance. The LED down light retro-plates have a large range of IES distribution types for optical control. Additionally, as an integrated unit, it is designed for ease of installation. DLC rebates are available for select models of the LED decorative pole lighting retrofit kits.

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